Serving the Community

If there is a common thread
it is the area we share and the community we serve.
Hopefully, all of us in some way try to enhance the quality of life in our area.

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We recommend that for the time being, it is better that Masks be worn in the Church.
If this causes particular difficulties for you, this recommendation does not apply.


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St. Paul's Church will remain open each weekday after morning Mass until 1.30pm.  The church will no longer be open in the afternoons.

Butlerstown Church is open each day from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Please use hand sanitizer and follow directions inside to help with social distancing.

 Many thanks to volunteers who are helping us to abide by the regulations for health and safety.


Re-Opening of Churches from Monday June 29th - Parishes of St. Paul’s & Butlerstown

Guidelines for Mass Attendance & Reserving Your Place for the Mass you wish to attend.

Our Mass Schedule will return to normal in Parishes of St. Paul’s & Butlerstown commencing on Monday 29th of June.  

Weekday Masses in St. Paul’s will be at 10am each morning including Saturday.  Weekend Masses in St. Paul’s will be as follows:  Saturday vigil 6pm.  Sunday 8.30am and 11.30am.                                                       

Mass in Butlerstown Church will be at 9.15am on Thursday morning and at 10am on Sunday.

In accordance with the most up to date advice on health and safety and respecting the guidelines on social distancing, the maximum number of people we can accommodate at each Mass in each of our churches at present is 50. 

In order to accommodate parishioners safely, it will be necessary to contact the Parish Office to reserve your place for the Mass you wish to attend.

The Parish Office can be contacted at 051-357730 Monday to Friday between 9-30 am and 1pm., and from 2p.m to 3p.m on Tuesdays.

Your reservation will be for Masses commencing on Monday 29th June and will be held for you for the same Mass each week. There will not be a requirement to reserve each week!

Please note that there is no obligation to attend Sunday Mass in this time of pandemic. Also, you can fulfil the Sunday obligation by attending Mass on a weekday if you so wish.

NB. It is most important that people who are vulnerable or unwell, and especially those with any

symptoms that might suggest Covid-19 infection, should stay at home and, if possible, participate, as now, via webcam, social media, television, or radio. The same applies to those who have been in recent contact with someone who has the virus, in accordance with public health advice.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our Churches of St. Paul’s and Butlerstown.


ADDITIONAL MASS ON RTE News Now on Sundays at 2pm

RTÉ News Now can be accessed on Saorview Channel 21; Sky 521; Virgin 200; Eir 517 and also via its own website, free app and via the RTÉ Player, where this content will also be available after the initial transmission. 


Mass is available on the Radio on 107.9fm each morning.



Monday to Saturday at 10am

Vigil Mass on Saturday evening at 6.00pm  Sunday at  8.30am and 11.30am. 

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Thursday mornings at 9.15am
Sunday at 10.00am

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Dear Friends,

We find ourselves in a truly unique and different situation, which will have its effect on each of us in many ways. We only miss the ordinary when it is removed from us. For all there is a sense of loss and sadness, of uncertainty and anxiety, most of all about our health and the protection of those we love and care for. This is why we must observe to the finest detail all the practices which protect against infection.
There will be many practical concerns, espe...cially for young parents - the care of their children, balancing the demands of work, concerns about the family income. Clearly people worry about the food supply, in spite of all reassurances to the contrary. Sometimes the problem of panic can in itself create a bigger problem. Someone said: 'There is enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed.'
Beyond all health and material concerns, the present crisis confronts us with our vulnerability, the fragility of human existence and our fear of death. This is always there, always a reality, but most of the time we do not have to face it. Most of the time we live on trust which is always the best basis for a peaceful life. St. Julian of Norwich summed up this trusting mentality with the words: 'All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well.'
But sometimes, as in this time, our trust is put to the test in a new way. May the challenge of this time bring out the best in us. And may the God of love deliver us from anything that would deprive us of the life he wants for us.
Fr. Pat.



COVID-19 Support Line for Older People

ALONE has launched a national support line and additional supports for older people who have concerns or are facing difficulties relating to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Professional staff are available to answer queries and give advice and reassurance where necessary. The support line is open Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm, by calling 0818 222 024. Hours may be extended to meet the demand.




























































































































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