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Please Note: During current restrictions it will only be possible for a maximum of 10 people to be present at a Baptism.   We will try to keep our schedule below updated but please ring the Parish Office 357750 to check if the date you want to book is available or to enquire about other dates.  Thank you. 

We will be delighted to assist you with the Baptism of your baby. Please call to the Parish Office and pick up a Baptismal Form. Fill in the details required for the ceremony and for the Baptismal Register. The completed form can be returned to the Parish Office or to one of the priests. It is important to look at the Baptismal dates available and to choose one suitable to your situation. Dates for Baptism in St. Paul's and Butlerstown Parishes are listed below. A mimimum of three week's notice is required when booking a Baptism in St. Paul's or Butlerstown Parishes. 

Baptism Meetings

It is now the policy of the Parishes of St. Paul's & Butlerstown that all those who are presenting a child for Baptism should attend a pre-Baptismal Meeting.  At this meeting, parents, and if possible, Godparents, should attend.  The meetings will being at 8pm and finish at 9pm and will take place in St. Paul's Parish Centre.   Dates for Pre-Baptism Meetings are as follows: 

Dates for Pre-Baptism Meetings 2021
Time 8pm to 9pm.     Venue: St Paul's Parish Centre, Lisduggan.


 St. Paul's Parish -  Dates for Baptism 2021

 Day  Date  Time
Saturday 29th May 4.30pm BOOKED
Sunday 13th June 12.30pm BOOKED
Saturday 26th June 4.30pm  BOOKED
Sunday 11th July 12.30pm BOOKED
Saturday 24th July 4.30pm BOOKED
Sunday  8th August 12.30pm BOOKED
Saturday  21st August 4.30pm   BOOKED
Sunday 5th September 12.30pm BOOKED
Saturday 18th September 4.30pm   BOOKED
Sunday  3rd October 12.30pm  BOOKED
Saturday 23rd October 4.30pm   BOOKED
Sunday 7th November 12.30pm  BOOKED
Saturday 20th November 4.30pm   BOOKED
Sunday 5th December 12.30pm  BOOKED
Saturday 18th December 4.30pm



   Butlerstown Parish -  Dates for Baptism  2021

 Day  Date  Time
Saturday 22nd May 12.00 noon  BOOKED
Saturday 5th June 12.00 noon  BOOKED
Saturday 17th July 12.00 noon BOOKED
Saturday 31st July 12.00 noon BOOKED
Saturday 14th August 12.00 noon BOOKED
Saturday 28th August 12.00 noon BOOKED
Saturday 11th September 12.00 noon BOOKED
Saturday 25th September 12.00 noon BOOKED
Saturday 16th October 12.00 noon  BOOKED
Saturday 30th October 12.00 noon BOOKED
Saturday 13th November 12.00 noon BOOKED
Saturday  27th November 12.00 noon
Saturday 11th December 12.00 noon 


Babies are normally baptised in the Parish in which the family lives. However, people sometimes choose another church for particular reasons. There is no objection to this, but we do ask, for the sake of courtsey between parishes, that you obtain a note from your own Parish if you wish to have your baby baptised in a parish other than your own.

Baptism Team (Faith Friends)

One of the happiest moments in any family and parish is the Baptism of a new baby. In St.Paul’s we have a team of dedicated people who assist in preparation for the sacrament. A Faith Friend will call to the parents’ house and discuss the Baptismal Ceremony. Any questions the parents have may be answered at this time.

First Holy Communion "Do This in Memory"

The children and their parents are invited to participate in a number of special Masses during the year leading up to First Holy Communion. They are given prayers and worksheets for use at home, which help to give each child an understanding of Holy Communion appropriate to their age. We try to ensure the First Holy Communion Day has real spiritual meaning for children and their families.

St. Paul's Parish has prepared a special First Holy Communion Booklet entitled "Working Together for our Children", which contains all the information which children and parents need in this special year. It includes religious knowledge, prayers, and all the relevant dates. If your child has not received a copy of this booklet please request one at the sacristy. 

Confirmation "Confirming Our Children"

The young people and their families take part in a programme of preparation for Confirmation. This involves attendance at special Sunday Masses, in which they will participate. Every effort will be made to explore the religious significance of receiving the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation. We believe that this Sacrament properly understood can give the young people great spiritual and personal resources to help them in their young lives.


  • Three months notice is required for the marriage of Parishioners no matter where the marriage is to be celebrated.
  • Couples are required to complete a  Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form in their parish of residence. They must provide a recently issued Certificate of Baptism, and Letter(s) of Freedom from any parish in which they have lived for 6 months or more.   Any of the Priests will be glad to assist you with these forms. As some of these papers take some time to complete, it is advisable to make an appointment in advance. All the necessary contact details are given on this site. 
  • All couples are required to attend a Pre-Marriage Course. Details can be obtained by phoning Accord on 051-878333.
  • Civil Requirements: Couples are required to attend for interview with the Registrar at least three months before their intended marriage. This must be done by prior appointment. They must be issued with a Marriage Registration Form (M.R.F.) which they will hold and have signed on the day of their wedding, before returning it to the Registrar. The Registrar now requires that couples make a declaration, before or during the marriage ceremony that there is no impediment to their marraige. Registrar's Office: Community Care Centre, Cork Rd., Waterford. Tel 051-842824 or 842825.
  • Much helpful information can be got from the website www.gettingmarried.ie
  • In the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore, marriages may not be celebrated on Sundays or Holy Days.


We are very anxious to offer as much support as we can to families who are dealing with the death of a loved one.  We would be very grateful to be informed at the time of a death so that we may make contact with families to render support.

Normally the funeral directors liaise between Parishes and families with regard to arrangements.


All Masses for Anniversaries or to remember a Month's Mind, can be booked through the Parish Office.



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